22 September 2020  13.00 – 14.00

During the Covid emergency, unlicensed and other imported medicines were used as substitutes for critical care licensed medicines to maintain a robust supply. The quality of unlicensed medicines cannot be assumed to be equivalent to UK licensed medicines and differences in presentation, packaging and labelling may introduce new risks in clinical practice.

This webinar will share some examples, highlight the challenges and identify some key learning points. It will also provide an opportunity to discuss the purchase and supply of unlicensed medicines with Regional Quality Assurance specialists.

Speakers/Q&A panel:

Mark Jackson (Regional QA Pharmacist NW),
Linda Hardy (Regional QA Pharmacist Y&H),
Tim Root (SPS),
Lesley McAvoy & Sharon Jackson (QA Specialists NW),
Paul Turton (Medicines Assurance Manager Y&H),
Nicola Wake (MUS, SPS)

Details of Recordings of the webinar can be found HERE.  You will need to be logged on to the SPS Website with your .nhs email address to access the recording.