MUSN Monthly Webinar – Medication Safety At Home – Key Findings From a Parent Focus Group


Stephen Morris is a clinical pharmacist at Leeds Children’s Hospital, part of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. In 2018, he was awarded a National Institute for Health Research pre-doctoral fellowship. He is currently developing a PhD proposal to explore how parents administer medicines to children at home and what can be done to help support parents who do this. This project has evolved through his work on the neonatal unit and the development of medicines related aspects of family integrated care (FIC). FIC is an international collaboration in neonatal units to empower families to be more involved with care during hospital admissions.

As part of developing his PhD research proposal, he has successfully applied for funding in 2019 to conduct patient and public involvement work. In collaboration with the Leeds Centre for Newborn Care, they have founded the Leeds Neonatal Research Dream Team (@LeedsNERDS). LeedsNERDs is a parent research advisory group that is an open forum for parents, staff and academics to develop their research interests together.​

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A pdf of the presentation is also available below.

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