How do you decide which patients to see first on your wards?
What does the literature suggest?
What do other hospitals do?

This webinar offered the opportunity to learn about different prioritisation tools used across hospital pharmacy services in the UK and to understand some of the barriers and enablers to patient prioritisation.

We know that hospitals vary; workforce, resources and priorities can differ. Each will possess universal as well unique pressures meaning that there is no gold standard approach to prioritisation but rather that clinical pharmacy needs to strive to implement the best evidence within the confines of local context.

This webinar links in with our postponed network event on this subject which we plan to reschedule when circumstances allow. The webinar will stimulate reflection on how a tool might be integrated into practice as well as some reflection on improving or validating existing tools.

There was discussion of recent research to develop a tool that seeks to improve patient safety and optimise medicines use by targeting pharmaceutical care and maximising the skills and experience of the pharmacy team.

The webinar gave the opportunity for you to contribute to developing this work, to create a context-dependent tool that could guide prioritisation ensuring the right patient is seen by the right pharmacy professional at the right time.

Penny Lewis is a Clinical Lecturer in the Division of Pharmacy and Optometry at the University of Manchester and Honorary Lecturer at Manchester University Foundation Trust. Penny’s research has focussed on patient safety and the effective delivery of pharmacy services to improve patient care. Her funding from the National Institute for Health Research has led to the development of a pharmaceutical care complexity-screening tool.

The pdf of the presentation is below and a recording of the webinar is available HERE

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