Primary Care: Discussions on challenging areas of practice

Meeting 30 September 2021Location On-Line


Summary of this webinar series

This is a pilot series of five webinars, aiming to connect specialist pharmacists with primary care pharmacy staff in an informal ‘on the couch’ discussion format. Our specialists include:

  • Consultant pharmacists
  • Medicines Information pharmacists
  • Highly specialist pharmacists

The purpose of these webinars is to discuss ‘grey’ areas of practice, with interaction from attendees through the chat box.  A 15-minute recording to introduce the series (recommended) can be accessed HERE.

As this is a pilot series, we will be very grateful for feedback.  Please email, including if you have any questions or if you are a primary care pharmacist who may be interested in volunteering to be ‘on the couch’ if the webinar series is extended.

‘On the Couch’:  Asking the right questions before contacting your local Medicines Information service

July 2021

In discussion:

  • Jonathan Hall, Head of Southampton Medicines Advice Service & Deputy Chief Pharmacist, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
  • Lorna Smalley, Clinical Pharmacist, Oakdale Primary Care Network
  • Katie Heywood, Medicines Management Technician, Tameside and Glossop CCG
  • Facilitator: Dr Barry Jubraj, Medicines Use & Safety Division, NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service

Recording available HERE

Jonathan Hall’s slides are available HERE

‘On the couch’ challenging decisions in cardiology in primary care

19th August

Alison Warren, Consultant Pharmacist, Cardiology, in conversation with Marie Mullans, experienced GP practice pharmacist

Recording available HERE

Alison Warren’s slides are available HERE

The art of supporting your care home patients through communication and decision-making.

Wednesday 8th September:  13.00 – 14.00

Lelly Oboh, Consultant Pharmacist for Older people + primary care colleague.
Facilitated by: Dr Barry Jubraj, Medicines Use & Safety Division, NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service

Recording and slides available HERE

‘On the Couch’  Choosing an anticoagulant with a patient with AF

Thursday 30th September: 13.00 – 14.00

This webinar will feature Neera Goel, a Primary Care Pharmacist, in discussion with Katherine Stirling a Consultant Pharmacist – Anticoagulation and Thrombosis about the sometimes complex topic of anticoagulant choice.

This is the third in our series of ‘on the couch’ webinars where the grey and challenging areas of practice will be unpacked and Katherine will share insights into matters like drug choice and the importance of shared decision-making

Facilitated by: Dr Barry Jubraj, Medicines Use & Safety Division, NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service

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‘On the Couch’ How to practically support colleagues in managing complexity and challenge in general practice

Thursday 25 November:    13.00 – 14.00

We all know how to ensure that we are practicing to acceptable standards and how to develop our practice, but how do we deal with difficult situations with our patients? What if we feel upset or angry?

Join us to learn about the concepts of normative, formative and restorative “supervision” and get some down-to-earth advice about how to do this in your practice.

Ankish Patel, Head of PCN Workforce, Nottingham and Clair Huckerby, Chief Pharmacist Consultant Pharmacist Primary Care Medicines Optimisation, Our Health Partnership will be in conversation.

Facilitated by: Professor Nina Barnett, Medicines Use & Safety Division, NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service

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Registration Information

Our webinars are provided for colleagues providing NHS services so please register with your NHS or work-based email address. If you don’t provide NHS services or are a charity, please drop us a line to clarify your interest in this webinar.

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