Reducing inappropriate use of antipsychotics in patients with dementia


Confirmed minutes

Archived – This event took place in 2012 and the content has not been updated since then but remains contemporary.  Some information may be out of date and links to other documents and websites may not work .

As pharmacists committed to improving our patients experience of medicines related care (measured annually through the patient survey undertaken by CQC) we know from NICE guidance that there is much we can do to improve patient adherence to medicines. This meeting developed participants understanding of the link between patient experience and adherence support in order to provide a safer patient pathway and optimise patient benefit from medicines through improved adherence. Presentations included explanation and demonstration of a number of behavioural models, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Health Coaching, with a focus on how these can be used to support patient with medication issues, with the participants using the “four e’s” model in role play. Kirstine McDowall, from the Expert Patient Programme shared her thoughts and experiences about what pharmacists can do to support medication adherence from the patient perspective. Participants had an opportunity to develop strategies for implementation at their workplaces and shared their suggestions in the final feedback session.

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