Resources to help with setting up and running peer support meetings for pharmacists working in clinical roles (older people) in the community


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These resources are based on the original documents developed by pharmacists at Guy & St Thomas NHS Trust and produced by Medicines Use and Safety, NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service. When utilised please acknowledge their creators.


The number of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working in clinical roles in care homes and domiciliary settings is slowly increasing, often involving the care of complex older adults. A number of these post holders work in isolation without adequate support from their organisational structure and would therefore benefit from peer support.

An innovative pilot using facilitated peer group meetings to support such pharmacists to improve patient care showed that there is a need and some benefits. Pharmacists found the networking and participating in the face to face peer review useful. Improved clinical knowledge in the care of older people and the ability to apply clinical knowledge in complex situations as well as delivering better patient centred care were the main areas that will positively impact on their daily practice.

The meetings are relatively easy to set up locally and have been replicated using the resources shared here. Although aimed at primary care pharmacists, technicians, community and hospital pharmacists in similar roles could also benefit.


Thanks to Heather Smith (Consultant Pharmacist, Care of Older People and Interfaces of Care, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust) for testing the templates and reviewing the documents

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