Rising to the WHO “Medication without harm” challenge

Barry Jubraj, Associate Director, Medicines Use and Safety (SPS)Source Medicines Use and Safety TeamMeeting 31 October 2017Location NVCO, London


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced its 3rd Global Safety Challenge – Medication without harm – a link to the detail can be found here. 

We have yet to hear how the UK government will be signing up to the challenge – and what it’s focus may be.  There will be separate nationally driven meetings and campaigns.

The WHO however does highlight three key areas that need managing to protect patients from harm – namely:

  • high-risk situations
  • polypharmacy
  • transitions of care


There has already been much work in these key areas in UK and this meeting will be an opportunity to share good practice and to collectively and individually identify what can be improved further

The sharable presentations from the day are available below.

Here is a Link to My Medication Passport (and How to Order them) and a Link to the PIP list presented by Barry Jubraj and Emily Ward





Presentations and other attachments