Support for pharmacy staff in acute care to manage patients with mental health and/or substance misuse issues


The webinar  dispels some of the stigmas around mental health and substance misuse and raise awareness so pharmacists can look to improve their knowledge base and know where to go to get specialist advice. Have you been asked questions like this:

“I have a patient admitted to my ward on clozapine and they are a heavy smoker, will the temporary use of nicotine replacement therapy affect their treatment?”

” There is a patient with dementia on my ward and their behaviour has become challenging and antipsychotics are being considered, what behavioural approaches could be considered first?”

“A patient in A&E with a fractured hip has admitted to being a GHB user, what are the treatment options for managing withdrawal symptoms?”

The webinar offers insights from variety of substance misuse and mental health experts. It is useful for pharmacists working in secondary care settings wanting to increase their confidence when involved with patients who have a mental health disorder or are abusing substances.

The webinar covers the national confidential enquiry into patient outcomes and deaths, Mental health in General Hospitals -Treat as One, which found that 75% of patients with a mental health condition were let done in at least one aspect of their care, many of these related to medicines use.  The work underpinning this webinar is a direct result of the above report being published. The NCEPOD report is attached as a summary together with other useful documents including: Issues acute trust pharmacists should consider when dealing with patients with a mental health diagnosis (top tips), Clozapine guidelines, a Clozapine aide- memoire for GPs and the slides from the webinar presentation. The link to NEPTUNE guidance can be found on their website here


The link to the webinar recording is now available here

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Contributors to this webinar include:

Ray Lyon Chief Pharmacist (Strategy) Sussex Partnership

Anshu Rayan, Associate Chief Pharmacist, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL)

Soyar Sherkat, Advanced Specialist Pharmacist,  Addictions, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL)

Ashleigh Bradley – Lead pharmacist for the community mental health teams, Western Sussex Hospitals.

Nana Tomova – Specialist mental health pharmacist working with the community teams , Brighton and Hove locality. Western Sussex Hospitals.


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