Teaching clinical pharmacy problem solving skills – using the Medicines Learning Portal


Dr Simon Wills, Head of Southampton Medicines Advice Service,  demonstrated the Medicines Learning Portal www.medicineslearningportal.org which can be used by individuals or teams to teach clinical pharmacy problem solving skills to pre reg and foundation pharmacists. Clinical experts have contributed to cover areas such as medicines in children and palliative care, as well as renal and IV drug administration.  Four key professional skills and an on-call training section are also included.  The webinar will be of interest not only to pre-regs and foundation pharmacists but to those who are responsible for their training or for service provision in both secondary and primary care. It may also be helpful for pharmacists returning to practice and technicians with a clinical role.

A copy  of the slides can be found below and you can access the recording (if you are logged into the site) here

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