Pan-UK Pharmacy Working Group for ATMPs

The Pan UK Pharmacy Working Group (PWG) for ATMPs was established in 2018 to act as an expert and informed body to support the activities of UK Pharmacies to facilitate ATMP usage.  

This new class of medicines have storage, reconstitution and handling procedures that are specific for each product which can require close collaboration with stem cell laboratory colleagues, as well as posing interesting challenges in clinical management often requiring complex toxicity management. 

The group consists of pharmacists from across the UK that specialise in the governance, prescribing, administration and monitoring of ATMPs and is an excellent example of collaboration across the NHS. The aims of the group are to promote good practice, identify and resolve pharmacy issues to maximise the effectiveness and development of services for hospitals to administer advanced therapies.

Follow the links below to access the guidance

Pharmacy Oversight and Supervision Requirements for Preparation of Licensed ATMPs

Medication Restrictions for Patients Having CAR-T Cell Therapy

Horizon Scanning for ATMPs

Requirements for Governance and Preparation of Gene Therapy: Pan UK Pharmacy Working Group for ATMPs

Regulatory requirements for export of ATMP starting materials: Pan UK Pharmacy Working Group on ATMPs

Pharmacy Institutional Readiness for Marketed CAR-T Therapy: Guidance for Chief Pharmacists V4 (updated January 2020)

(ATMPs)-The Role of Pharmacy in the Successful Delivery of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products Information for Chief Pharmacists

Out of Specification Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products – Guidance for Healthcare Organisations


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