Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee Members’ Days

Coordinator Ben Rehman, Assistant Head (Medicines Optimisation), Specialist Pharmacy Service

As a single national Medicines Optimisation system for England, the Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees hold networking and update events for their members.  These events enable sharing and discussion of national progress for Medicines Optimisation as well as ensure best practice is shared between the geographically distinct groups.

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Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee 2019 Members’ Day

8 October 2019Registration for the third annual RMOC day is now open. NHS England will re-launch the RMOC Operating Model at this year’s event. The key-note speaker…

Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee 2018 members’ day

9 October 2018The second National RMOC Members’ day was held on 9th October. A key focus of the day being the facilitation of stronger working relationships between…

Inaugural RMOC members’ day

2 October 2017The agenda and slide sets for the National RMOC members’ day held on 2nd October 2017 are available here.