Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee for NHS England, North

Coordinator Nancy Kane, Senior Medical Information Scientist, Regional Drug & Therapeutics Centre

The North Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee provides advice, co-ordinates actions, and works to ensure the implementation of Medicines Optimisation priorities across the NHS England North region.

The North RMOC also operates as part of a coherent national structure.  As such, it considers topics from a nationally defined programme of work, and its recommendations and resources are valid across the NHS in England.

On the pages below you’ll find agendas, papers and other documents relating specifically to the work of the North RMOC.  In particular you’ll find:

  • Agendas and confirmed minutes from each meeting of the North RMOC.  These documents are available to all.
  • Specific content for RMOC members, including supporting papers, prescribing data, draft minutes, and draft recommendations for comment.


Any RMOC member can view RMOC member only content from any of the committees.  However, we ask that you respect the confidential nature of the member only content.  RMOC members should not distribute member only content from this website AT ALL without prior discussion with the SPS secretariat team and the North RMOC Chair.

In 2019, meetings for the North RMOC will be held on 7th March, 27th June, and 6th November.  Further details and papers for the next meeting and for previous meetings are available below

Next meeting

No meetings scheduled

Previous meetings

June 2018 Meeting of North RMOC 10-1pm

28 June 2018The agenda for the June 2018 North RMOC is below.

February 2018 Meeting of North RMOC

28 February 2018An agenda for the February meeting of North RMOC can be found below.

October 2017 Meeting of North RMOC

26 October 2017The agenda for the meeting is provided below.

June 2017 Meeting of North RMOC

28 June 2017The agenda for the meeting is provided below.