UKMi Quality and Risk Management Group

Coordinator Laura Kearney, Regional Principal Medicines Information Pharmacist, Midlands and East Medicines Advice Service (East Midlands site) & UK Drugs in Lactation Advisory Service

Formerly Clinical Governance Working Group (CGWG)

Convener: Fiona Woods, Director, Welsh Medicines Information Centre


The UKMi Quality and Risk Management Group (QRMG) advises the parent group, UKMi Executive, on matters relating to the quality of MI services in the UK.

The Group develop quality assurance programmes for MI services, in line with relevant NHS policy, and produce associated documentation and guidance. It is also responsible for monitoring the implementation of such programmes and guidance.  Its remit includes development of national Audit standards, the Incident Reporting in Medicines Information Scheme (IRMIS), guidance to support enquiry answering (including the Essential Resource List), and resources to support service development.

The Quality and Risk Management Group meets 4 times per year. A Highlights document is produced from the Minutes after each meeting. This document emphasizes items discussed within meetings which are of  importance or may lead to change. The Highlights documents are circulated around the UKMi Network and should be discussed within local teams.  Full minutes of each meeting, and previous Highlights documents, are available on request.

The group can be contacted via

Follow the links below to access the guidance. A Site Map has been together to further help  locate the guidance or documentation required.

UKMi Recommended Resource Lists and Tools

UKMi Enquiry Answering

UKMi User Satisfaction Survey

UKMi Patient Helpline Material 

UKMi Standards and Audit

UKMi Peer Review

UKMi Risk Management and Standard Operating Procedures

UKMi Incident Reporting in Medicines Information Scheme (IRMIS)

UKMi Service Development

UKMi Legal and Ethical Guidance


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