Where to find DH England Health Circulars (HC), Executive Letters (EL) and other legacy healthcare policy and guidance documents

1. You’ll be very lucky to find anything pre-2000 on the internet

2. Get the reference number: documents such as Department of Health Health Circulars were sequentially numbered in series e.g. HC(88)43 indicates it was the 43rd Health Circular issued by the then Department of Health and Social Security in 1988

2. Get the full title e.g. Health Services Development: Resource Assumptions and Guidelines

3. Search this site

4. Ask the most experienced (oldest?!) appropriate colleague you can contact

5. Try the UKMI London regional Medicines Information Centre at GSTT. They hold hardcopies of selected docs about which they’ve previously been asked.

6. Try the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Library

7. Try the British Library – you may need to buy a readers card to get your own copy of a document

8. Try the National Archives : on line at http://explore.bl.uk or by ‘phone

9. Try the Parliamentary Archives : call 020 7219 6786

10. Try the North Grey Literature Collection http://allcatsrgrey.org.uk