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46th UKMI Conference (virtual) 2020 – iPosters

21 October 2020The iPosters listed below have been submitted and accepted for the 46th UKMi Conference (virtual) in 2020. Clicking on the title of each iPoster will…

Preparation of injectable medicines in clinical areas: quick reference guides

27 July 2020Occasionally staff may need to prepare unfamiliar injectable medicines at the patient’s bedside. These cards have been produced and validated by SPS quality assurance professionals.The…

Shortage of Diazemuls (diazepam 5mg/ml emulsion for injection)

16 March 2020Accord (sole supplier) is out of stock. Importers are unable to source unlicensed supplies. This memo discusses alternative treatment options.

What naloxone doses should be used in adults to urgently reverse the effects of opioids?

19 December 2019The opioid antagonist, naloxone, is a highly effective antidote the use of which is potentially life-saving. The drug has a role in a wide range…

National Ambulance Patient Group Directions

18 July 2019National PGDs National PGDs have been developed for ambulance services commissioned by NHS England.  They are supported by NASMeD and JRCALC. Organisations need to adopt them…

Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee Antidotes and RUMs Position Statement

17 June 2019Attached is the final position statement produced by the London RMOC on access to and availability of antidotes and rarely used medicines (RUMs) published in…


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In use product safety assessment report: naloxone products for emergency opiate reversal in non-medical settings

17 March 2016A UKMi Product Safety assessment on naloxone products for emergency opiate reversal in non-medical settings; in-use medication safety considerations resultant from the product presentation or…