Recommended in COVID-19 Vaccines

Resources covering Moderna pharmaceutical processes in Trusts and Vaccination Centres, from initial ordering through to administration.
This vaccine will be used in vaccination centres only initially. Resources covering Moderna pharmaceutical processes will be made available if PCN model agreed.
Answers to Medicines Optimisation questions related specifically to Moderna vaccine.
Good medicines governance will ensure safe and secure handling. Sites should consider both general principles and the characteristics of each vaccine.
Maintaining the cold chain is vital to ensure vaccine efficacy. Excursions should be investigated appropriately, causes identified, and corrective action taken.
COVID-19 vaccines have different handling and dosing requirements. Sites need to plan to reduce the risk of errors where multiple vaccines are available.
Prior allergy and religious or other dietary requirements could occasionally affect suitability for vaccination, and patients will often have questions.
Guidance on preparing and administering common to all available COVID-19 vaccines, and specific to individual vaccines
Preparing vaccine using our SOPs, plus additional advice on batch numbers, withdrawing additional doses and post-vaccination observation
Preparing vaccine using our SOPs, plus additional advice on diluent use, batch numbers, withdrawing additional doses and post-vaccination observation

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Key resources on PGDs are particularly important as the COVID-19 vaccination programme continues

This page explains what a Patient Group Direction (PGD) is and describes how they are used in clinical practice.
This page provides a clear process to help colleagues consider when a PGD is required using the 'To PGD or not to PGD' decision support tool.
Doctors and dentists cannot supply or administer medications under a PGD or Written Instruction.  This page gives further detail on why this is the case.
This page explains why delegation of supply or administration using a PGD is not possible.