All our advice relating to aseptic preparation and the safe provision of aseptic services.

Guidance for Accountable Pharmacists on submission of Quality Indicators (QI) for NHS Section 10 aseptic preparation activities using the iQAAPS system.
The stability of several aseptically compounded ready to administer presentations of monoclonal antibody products and other biopharmaceuticals is presented.

Aseptic services

Supervising cleanrooms in pharmacy technical services

8 May 2024An SPS Quality Assurance (QA) bite size learning event that explores the skills of cleanroom supervision in pharmacy technical services.

SPS at the Quality Assurance and Technical Services Symposium

16 April 2024Bringing together NHS experts and regulators covering topics of quality assurance, quality control, good manufacturing practice and regulatory expectations.

Management review and KPIs in pharmacy technical services

10 April 2024An SPS Quality Assurance (QA) bite size learning event on quality management review and key performance indicators (KPIs) in pharmacy technical services.

Temperature controlled storage of medicines

22 March 2024An SPS Quality Assurance (QA) bite size learning event on controlling the temperature of medicines in storage.

Process risk assessments for a Contamination Control Strategy

19 March 2024Performing a Process Risk Assessment (PRA) to inform contamination control strategy for manufacturing processes within NHS units.

Understanding contamination control in pharmacy aseptic services

19 March 2024A co-ordinated approach to preventing microbial contamination ensures that aseptically prepared medicines are safe for patients.

Change management in technical services

20 February 2024An SPS Quality Assurance (QA) bite size learning event on the change control process.

Investigating deviations and establishing root causes

31 January 2024An SPS Quality Assurance (QA) bite size learning event on how to conduct and write an investigation report.

Preparing eye drops in unlicensed aseptic units

17 October 2023Circumstances and potential risks should be considered before preparing eye drops in NHS aseptic units working under Section 10 exemption.

Responding to Annex 1 EU GMP changes

10 August 2023A summary of the August 2022 changes to Annex 1 EU GMP, including responses from the MHRA, and QA committee guidance
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