Our forthcoming conferences and webinars covering a range of Medicines Optimisation issues with SPS and other great speakers and presenters.

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Improving Health Outcomes in Health and Justice

We will share information on the implementation of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices in prisons with updates on Methasoft integration and FP10 EPS rollout

Supervising cleanrooms in pharmacy technical services

An SPS Quality Assurance (QA) bite size learning event that explores the skills of cleanroom supervision in pharmacy technical services.

Managing complexities of medication use across care boundaries

Exploring the risks for patients on complex or specialist medicines moving across care boundaries with a focus on strategies to reduce harms

SPS at the Quality Assurance and Technical Services Symposium

Bringing together NHS experts and regulators covering topics of quality assurance, quality control, good manufacturing practice and regulatory expectations.

Navigating difficult conversations with confidence

This event explores why conversations with patients and colleagues can be challenging. Speakers will share insights and strategies to enhance confidence.