All our training and guidance to help decision making about the use of medicines in pregnancy

Training resources for pregnancy

Specific information should be gathered about a pregnant woman and her pregnancy to enable a good risk assessment and decision about treatment.
SPS and other information resources can help pharmacy and other healthcare professionals provide advice on medicines in pregnancy.
There are key factors to be considered in making a risk assessment and a risk versus benefit decision about use of medicines in pregnancy.
There are some important principles that should be applied when providing advice on the use of medicines in pregnancy.
Providing advice on medicines in pregnancy is complex. Preparing, structuring and phrasing information can improve communication and understanding.

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Using COVID-19 vaccines in women of child bearing potential

4 January 2021Summary information concerning COVID-19 vaccination in women of child-bearing age or who are pregnant

Is it safe to take herbal medicines during pregnancy?

16 May 2019Recent surveys in the UK suggest that many women in the United Kingdom use herbal medicines during pregnancy. In general, herbal medicines should be avoided…
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