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What issues should be considered in patients with peanut allergy requiring a medicine containing soya?

16 October 2020Peanut and soya belong to the same plant family, so there is concern about cross-sensitivity. This Medicines Q&A (updated April 2020) discusses the issues to…

How should head lice be treated in a breastfeeding mother?

12 March 2020Wet combing or dimeticone may be used to treat head lice in breastfeeding mothers. Malathion may be used as an alternative if a traditional insecticide…

Do NSAIDs increase the risk of severe skin reactions in children with chickenpox?

1 October 2019This Q&A evaluates the limited published evidence investigating an association between Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and severe skin reactions in children with chickenpox.


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