Nutritional and metabolic disorders, Guidance

What dose of vitamin D should be prescribed for the treatment of vitamin D deficiency?

9 April 2020This updated Medicines Q&A provides guidance on the treatment of patients with vitamin D deficiency.  

What factors need to be considered when prescribing for lactose intolerant adults?

24 February 2020This Medicines Q&A discusses the types of lactose intolerance people may suffer from, how to determine the lactose content of medicines, and what factors healthcare…

How do I use CosmoFer (iron dextran) total dose infusion for correction of iron deficiency anaemia?

27 November 2019This updated Medicines Q&A provides guidance on the administration of Cosmofer (iron dextran) total dose infusion for the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia

Is there a lactose-free oral contraceptive?

29 March 2019All licensed oral contraceptives currently available on prescription contain lactose. This Medicines Q&A lists lactose-free, non-oral alternatives.

How should haem arginate (human hemin) be administered in the management of acute porphyria?

29 November 2018The recommended dose for haem arginate is 3mg/kg (to a maximum of 250mg) once daily for 4 consecutive days. It should be administered as an…