Key Resources

We have a number of key resources to help those who need to understand more about PGDs and get to grips with this area.  This set is particularly important as the role out of the COVID-19 vaccination programme continues.

This page explains what a Patient Group Direction (PGD) is and describes how they are used in clinical practice.
This page provides a clear process to help colleagues consider when a PGD is required using the 'To PGD or not to PGD' decision support tool.
Doctors and dentists cannot supply or administer medications under a PGD or Written Instruction.  This page gives further detail on why this is the case.
This page details the why delegation of supply or administration under a PGD is not possible.

More PGD material

In addition to our key resources we have additional PGD material that you can find and search below.

Patient Group Directions for repeat supply/administration of medicines

26 April 2021The below article details the position regarding use of a PGD to make repeat supplies/repeated administrations of a medicine.

Extension of expiry date of a Patient Group Direction (PGD)

26 April 2021This Q&A advises on the extension to the expiry date of a PGD where a full review and re-authorisation has not taken place.

Inclusion of medicines with Risk Minimisation Measures (RMM) in Patient Group Directions

16 March 2021This Q&A has been developed with the MHRA and it reflects MHRA guidance on the use of PGDs for medications which have risk minimisation measures (RMM).

Antimicrobial Patient Group Direction (PGD) Templates

20 January 2021Antimicrobial PGD templates support the use of medicines in line with national guidance, reducing variation and duplication to improve consistency of care.

Delegation of supply or administration of medicines using a Patient Group Direction

15 December 2020This page details the why delegation of supply or administration under a PGD is not possible.
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