Must Reads

Key advice for those getting to grips with PGDs, or who have questions that need answering

Advice by profession and level of competency

Using PGDs legally depends upon the profession and the level of competency. We guide on appropriate application.

Advice on supply and administration

Certain medicines can be legally administered or supplied using a PGD; whilst other cannot. Our advice guides on legal PGD use from a medicines perspective.


Legal and governance requirements exist when developing new or reviewing existing PGDs. Our resources will help you plan appropriately.


Support and advice to navigate the requirements for implementing, maintaining, and reviewing PGDs. Includes advice for working across an organisation or with mu

Occupational Health Services

We guide through the specific legal mechanism applicable to medicines and vaccines PGDs for Occupational Health Services (OHS).


National PGD templates are developed with experts for clinical specialties. They reduce duplication and variation, and improve consistency of care.

PGD Training and audits

Training resources we recommend include the CPPE PGD e-learning module. We also have a PGD audit tool for those undertaking audits.