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Vaccinating individuals with COVID-19 or with a history of COVID-19

31 December 2020Certain groups can be vaccinated where they have already had COVID-19. In some circumstances these individuals may required a COVD-19 test.

Example policy for Maintaining the Vaccine Cold Chain in Primary Care

17 December 2020Summary This page provides a document for local adaptation that gives a sample policy for maintaining the vaccine cold chain. The example is not specific…

Critical control points in the pathway for handling Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine

8 December 2020Summary The attached slides, in static and AUTOPLAY format, provide guidance for process supervisors and a training resource

Written Instruction for the administration of seasonal ‘flu vaccination (2020/21 version)

24 November 2020UPDATED AUTUMN 2020 to reflect legislation changes and UK availability of Flublok (QIVr) Following advice issued in Spring 2018 advising on the use of Patient…

Public Health England (PHE) Patient Group Directions

14 September 2020  Patient Group Directions (PGD) have been developed by Public Health England for a variety of clinical scenarios.   These can be found at the links…

National community pharmacy flu vaccination service (PSNC information)

8 September 2020Each year from September through to January the NHS runs a seasonal flu vaccination campaign aiming to vaccinate all patients who are at risk of…

COVID-19 vaccines in development

17 June 2020dm+d: Unassigned

Change of maternal pertussis vaccine

29 January 2020The maternal pertussis immunisation programme commenced in October 2012, initially using Repevax® vaccine (dTaP/IPV). From July 2014, Boostrix®-IPV (dTaP/IPV) has been supplied. From mid-January 2020,…

Vaccination and antibiotic prescribing in patients with asplenia or splenic dysfunction in primary care

24 April 2019Following the death of a young asplenic patient in 2016 our project involves the identification and review of asplenic or hyposplenic patients in primary care,…

Ebola vaccine

18 April 2019dm+d: Unassigned