Two Influenza written instruction templates are available; one for NHS bodies or Local Authorities and one for independent and other providers.

Written Instructions for influenza vaccination 2024/25

It is intended that for each influenza vaccination season a specific written instruction template, one for NHS Bodies or Local Authority organisations and one for independent or other providers, will be produced by NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service (SPS) to support organisations in the provision of the seasonal influenza vaccination to their staff. This includes staff offering commissioned services, sub-contracted staff, agency staff, individuals undertaking work placements with the organisation and volunteers.

The Written Instruction templates to support staff vaccination in the 2024/25 ‘flu season will be available on this page in late Spring/early Summer 2024.  We are unable to provide an exact publication date but will release them as soon as possible, at the same time UKHSA publish the national PGD for IM ‘flu.

Local adoption

The written instruction can be adopted by organisations, including for peer-to-peer vaccination, following the signed authorisation of the written instruction by an appropriate doctor. Seasonal influenza vaccination and occupational health services contains further information.

Under the current legislation for the purpose of the written instruction, peer-to-peer vaccination refers to the administration of the seasonal influenza or coronavirus vaccine by an appropriately trained and registered nurse (or for an NHS Body or Local Authority, an occupational health vaccinator) to another employee of the same organisation.

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