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Rejected topics

Submitted Title Rejected Rationale
05/11/2019 Use of flash glucose monitoring in Type 2 diabetes
Considered an issue for NHSE/I for policy decision / guidance as already produced for Type 1 diabetes
01/11/2019 Quality Management of Summary Care Records
Close working with local NHS Digital team in ICS geography encouraged as opposed to a national approach.
28/10/2019 Prescribing of clinically obsolete oral nutritional supplements
To be considered as part of Low Priority Prescribing work stream - wave 4.
07/10/2019 Use of Unlicensed Midazolam Oromucosal Solution
Not for national consideration as guidance regarding the use of licensed / unlicensed products already exists.
02/10/2019 Area Prescribing Committees- Equality/ Quality impact assesments
National guidance already exists via Specialised Commissioning.
01/10/2019 Lead RMOC for insulin error Nationally
For the NHSE/I Patient Safety Team to lead
04/09/2019 Clear guidance on safe handling during dose preparation of monoclonal antibody (MAB) products (including investigational medicinal products) and classification based on suitability of preparation in the clinical area or necessity for preparation within the pharmacy.
Sits as part of the wider Aseptic review currently underway
28/08/2019 National guidance for DOAC dosing in renal impairment
MHRA guidance is now available
27/08/2019 Sustainability of inhalers – reducing use of MDs
NHS environmental impact is being considered and a strategy developed by the NHSE/I Sustainable Development Unit. National policy required therefore not for RMOC.
21/08/2019 DPP4-inhibitors – best value for patients
Topic considered to be covered in existing NICE guidance A decision regarding best value agent is one for individual APCs to make in relation to new and existing patients.
17/07/2019 Adult GH commissioning and prescribing
Considered a local issue relating to implementation. Variation in uptake may exist but not this is not clear
04/07/2019 Travel advice
Information already available
19/06/2019 Place in therapy of fidaxomicin and bezlotoxumab in Clostridium difficile infection
NICE will cover both agents in forthcoming Clostridium difficile guidelines
17/06/2019 Use of potassium permanganate
System advised to wait for publication of forthcoming British Association of Dermatology guidelines
03/05/2019 Insulin passport
Ongoing work such as that from the Diabetes Hothouse will provide lead
27/03/2019 Need for national patient decision aids for common/high risk medicines
To be considered separately as part of national Over Prescribing work
12/03/2019 free style libre
Funding arrangements for local commissioner determination
20/02/2019 Cost Savings through Brand Prescribing – Salmeterol / Fluticasone MDI 05/03/2019
Consistency of inhaler supply is recommended through brand prescribing of inhalers as outlined in existing local policies
31/12/2018 Prescribing by Private Providers (to include online GP services)
Out with remit of RMOC system
21/12/2018 Use of Jorveza for treating active eosinophilic oesophagitis 16/01/2019
NICE TA due October 2019
20/12/2018 rivaroxaban 2.5mg for PAD/CAD
Topic will not be progressed by RMOCs. Await publication of NICE Guidance.
20/11/2018 Formulary application information for biosimilar adalimumab 16/01/2019
Addressed post submission by December 2018 RMOC Biologics Briefing Note
07/11/2018 eflornithine for use in transgender patients
Noted ongoing work on behalf of both Specialised Commissioning and Low Priority Prescribing so not for RMOC
08/10/2018 Medicines and lifestyle choices for vegetarians and vegans 07/11/2018
Resubmission invited to develop role shared decision making in broader lifestyle choices
20/08/2018 Infliximab for ipilimumab-associated colitis in adults 07/11/2018
Referred to MO CRG for consideration
08/08/2018 Guidance on the appropriate use of anticoagulant reversal agents
Now part of NICE TA programme
01/08/2018 Paravit- CF Liquid and capsule review 05/09/2018
Referred to Specialised Respiratory CRG
05/07/2018 National Extravasation Guideline 05/09/2018
Referred to Cancer CRG
25/06/2018 NICE antimicrobial guidance and PHE ‘Managing common infections in primary care’ 05/09/2018
National guidance now available
20/06/2018 Antibiotics for small intestinal bowel overgrowth (SIBO) 05/09/2018
Referred onward to national AMR team
14/06/2018 Adjuvant bisphosphonates for post-menopausal women with breast cancer to reduce mortality 05/09/2018
NICE Guideline 10 published
14/06/2018 Recomended Prescribing Intervals in Primary Care 11/07/2018
14/05/2018 Actipatch
this item has been rejected
17/04/2018 Prescribing of insulin in frail and elderly who are being managed at home
Topic not progressed on advice of National Clinical Director for diabetes - await GP QOF targets. It is anticipated that many of the issues highlighted by this topic submission will be resolved with the QOF.
16/04/2018 Repeat Prescription management and duration of prescriptions 11/07/2018
14/03/2018 What would a common respiratory prescribing policy look like?
14/03/2018 Diabetes Prescribing
08/03/2018 Out of Pocket Expenses
Out with the remit of RMOC system
20/02/2018 Addressing unwarranted variation in the provision of anticoagulation alert cards to anticoagulation patients
20/02/2018 Hypertension referral pathway for West Midlands
16/02/2018 APCs and Equality Impact Assessments 24/05/2018
Covered by refreshed RMOC Operating Model
09/02/2018 No Cheaper Stock Available
05/02/2018 Bevacizumab (Avastin) for AMD 23/03/2018
02/02/2018 RMOC to review the potential benefits of having appropriate quality assurance support (staff / systems / processes) in place to support the timely and rapid uptake of biosimilars (such as adalimumab) and make appropriate recommendations to commissioners and providers.
30/01/2018 Consistent advice about which flu vaccine to use for which patient group
24/01/2018 Repeat prescribing of Cinacalcet (Mimpara®) in primary care in indication complex primary hyperparathyroidism in adults
19/01/2018 Can CCGs find a way of avoiding VAT On insulin pumps?
16/01/2018 High Cost drugs (pbr excluded) and commissioning pathways for CCGs
Not for RMOC at this stage
16/01/2018 Prescribing of foods for metabolic disease