We deliver direct benefits to patients and teams across the NHS. Our SPS team members are highly valued by NHS England and teams across the healthcare system.

Medicines Optimisation in the NHS

We support Medicines Optimisation in the NHS through:

  • our contribution to a range of national work programmes
  • provision of advice and guidance for professionals and organisations across a breadth of medicines-related topics

Our scope

We work across, and for, various sectors of the NHS.

NHS Service delivery is implemented via a formal contract, and the service specification sets out an integrated structure reporting to the Head of Service. This provides greater strength to support delivery for customers, better coordination and direction of SPS resources, greater efficiency and resilience, and makes the service more cost-effective. The availability of SPS resources across all geographies, regardless of local funding, is critical to supporting service delivery and ongoing NHS recovery.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the service has been working towards greater efficiency, including now being fully and directly commissioned by NHS England.

Our users

We serve professionals across the NHS who are involved in all aspects of buying, making and using medicines.

Our users are commissioners and healthcare professionals providing NHS-commissioned care.

Our written information and expert written advice can also be used with patients and the public to help them take and use their medicines as safely and effectively as possible.

Our service specification

The following document forms the national specification for our service and provides clarity to both service users and SPS providers on access, levels of service and performance.