Medicines continuity of care in Health and Justice services

Event 4 July 2023Location Online via WebEx at 13:00-14:00

This webinar shared information about providing a medicines supply for people who are released or transferred between prisons and Immigration Removal Centres


4 July 2023


Online via WebEx at 13:00-14:00

About the event

The event provided:

  • An update on national revised Health and Justice Information Services (HJIS) templates to support improved planning and recording of supplied medicines at the point of release or transfer.
  • A snapshot of the current data and plans to use the new template information to improve data quality and outcomes.
  • Information about a new Medicines Access Information Resource for prisoners and their key workers to help them access medicines using community NHS services post-release.
  • Good practice example using a new approach to improve the handling of medicines supplies and FP10s for prisoners released to court.

Why it’s important

The event provided a backdrop to a programme of work led centrally to support improvements in access to medicines at and after release and transfer. Attendees were able to use the information to review local processes and improve outcomes.

What was covered

  1. How revised secure environment assessment tool (SEAT) templates and data are used to record and improve medicines supply on release or transfer
  2. How to support released detainees in navigating community services to access prescriptions and medicines support post-release
  3. A new approach that improves the safe transport of medicines


A range of speakers from SPS and other organisations ran this event.

Non-SPS Speakers

Denise Farmer

National Health & Justice Pharmaceutical Advisor NHS England

Jo Cadwallader

Health & Justice Pharmacy Technician Lead NHS England

Sarah Davies-Hibbert

Health & Justice Pharmacy Project support lead NHS England

Amanda Lilley

HJIS Optimisation Manager, North of England CSU

Jacqui Burnett

Head of Healthcare at HMP Bullingdon, Practice Plus Group

Joanne Mackenzie

EDIC Lead at HMP Bullingdon

SPS Speakers

This session was facilitated by Barry Jubraj and Anna Bischler. Learn more about our SPS team by following the links below.



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