UKMi Product assessment tool

The UKMi product assessment tool (full version and abbreviated checklist) enables systematic identification of risk resultant from medicinal product presentation or other characteristics of use.

The UKMi tool was developed with the Safe Medication Practice and Medical Devices Team at NHS England, as well as with a range of medication safety and specialist pharmacists in various NHS settings. The tool has been validated through reference to the specialists; the validation process is explained in “UKMi product assessment tool – summary of validation”.

The UKMi tool is used to produce quality assured assessments of both new and existing medicines through the UKMi network. It may also be useful to Medication Safety Officers and others seeking to improve the safe use of individual products within the NHS; a “Template for report for individual use” is available below.

Pharmacy voice’s Patient Safety Group has further developed the UKMi tool for use by community pharmacy teams. The Community Pharmacy Medication Safety Risk Assessment tool is available here Link