Medication Safety Update

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A resource collating the latest medication safety communications and publications to inform, support and inspire medication safety improvements.


The slide deck resource provides a comprehensive repository of critical medication safety alerts, notifications, publications and updates.

This resource is collated with the intention of undertaking a ‘do once’ approach which will inform, support and inspire all individuals working together to deliver the medication safety agenda within their organisation and across the system.


Each month the SPS Medicines Advice team gathers and reviews recent medication safety communications, reports, publications and practice research. The slide deck resource includes items considered pertinent to supporting or delivering against the medication safety agenda.

Items include:

  • Medication related safety alerts and notifications
  • Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) changes
  • Risk minimisation materials
  • Medication shortages and discontinuations
  • Publications and reports
  • Prevention of Future Death Reports (Regulation 28) recommendations
  • Primary research papers on medication safety

Using the resource

The resource can support assurance of awareness of the most critical medication safety updates. It is also intended to inspire those with an interest in medication safety.
Guidance on using the medication safety update effectively can support Medication Safety Officers (or equivalent) in their role.
Presentation of the slide deck live during MSO network webinars provides a commentary and supports the network in timely discussion of the items.

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