An introduction to the iQAAPS system, with information on how to access the system, find training resources and support contacts

Introducing iQAAPS

Interactive Quality Assurance of Aseptic Preparation Services (iQAAPS) is a web browser based system to support oversight and external audit of unlicensed NHS pharmacy aseptic preparation. The system supports the following activities.

External audits

Following publication of the 'Assurance of aseptic preparation of medicines guidance' all external audits of units undertaking unlicensed aseptic preparation will take place via the iQAAPS system.

Sites will complete a digital pre audit questionnaire ahead of their audit. The audit report will then be published within the system and site users will build electronic actions plans in response to deficiencies identified during the audit.

Quality indicators

From July 2023, on a monthly basis units will be required to submit high level quality indicator data into the system. An alert will be sent to users each month requesting submission of data for the previous month. Failure to submit data buy the end of the month may result in escalation, see Assurance of aseptic preparation of medicines guidance for further details

Internal audits

Sites may record findings from their own internal audit against the QAAPS standards using the iQAAPS system. Finding can be documented and risk rated, with local action plans established. This allows units to self declare compliance with the standard ahead of an external audit.

Implementing iQAAPS

During February 2023 (or earlier if an audit is due) sites will be sent an email containing details of user accounts required to access the system and links to training resources.

Accessing the system

The welcome email will contain login details for  the Accountable Pharmacist  and Chief Pharmacist. Additional accounts for the system may be requested by the accountable pharmacist or chief pharmacist by emailing Quiq Solutions. Each site may have up to a total of five users.

The iQAAPS system may be accessed at

Using the system

Training videos

A recording of an introductory training session on the use of the system is available within the system, along with videos demonstrating how to undertake each function of iQAPPS. These can be accessed within the user support section of the iQAAPs system (login required)

Users guides

A detailed written user guide covering all aspects of using the system is also available within iQAAPs (login required).

Accessing Support

Contact the following teams for further help and advice: