Short videos about Patient Group Directions (PGDs) and medicines mechanisms, and their use in practice.

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About these videos

These short videos are aimed at healthcare professionals who are new to PGDs and medicines mechanisms, or those who need a refresher. They aim to help viewers understand the underpinning legislation and guidance surrounding PGDs as well as provide practical advice on managing PGDs in a variety of healthcare settings.

Subtitles are available for these videos. Click the ‘subtitles/closed caption’ button if they do not start automatically.

How PGDs differ from PSDs

This short video explains what Patient Specific Directions (PSDs) and Patient Group Directions (PGDs) are, why they are different, and when each should be considered for use.

For further information, see the SPS resource Patient Specific Directions (PSD).

The following videos explain the circumstances when PGDs must not be used, as well as occasions where they should not be used. This is often because there is a more suitable legal mechanism that should be used instead.

For further advice, see the SPS resource When not to use a PGD.

This short video explains where PGD use is not within the legislation and when PGDs cannot be legally used.

This short video discusses when PGD use is not appropriate and when they should not be used.

Who can work under a PGD

This short video details which registered professions can legally supply and administer medicines under PGDs.

How to develop a PGD

This short video offers an explanation of the 7 step PGD cycle and how this should be followed in practice when developing, maintaining and reviewing PGDs.

For further information, see How to develop a Patient Group Direction.

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