Planning for PGDs explainer videos

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Short videos to help when planning for the development of new, or review of existing Patient Group Directions (PGDs).

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About these videos

These short videos are aimed at healthcare professionals who are new to PGDs and medicines mechanisms, or those who need a refresher. They aim to help viewers understand the underpinning legislation and guidance surrounding PGDs as well as provide practical advice on managing PGDs in a variety of healthcare settings.

Subtitles are available for these videos. Click the ‘subtitles/closed caption’ button if they do not start automatically.

Remote consultations and PGDs

This PGD explainer describes how PGDs can be correctly used in remote consultations to supply medicines.

Further information can be found in the SPS resource Patient Group Direction use in remote consultations.

Delegation under PGDs

This video outlines the reasons why delegation of practice is not permitted when supplying and/or administering medicines under PGDs and how this affects their use.

For more information, see Delegation of roles under a PGD.

Auditing of PGDs

This short video discusses the auditing of PGDs, including when to undertake and review the results of audits, and an explanation of the SPS audit tool template.

Further information can be found in Auditing Patient Group Directions.

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