Suggestions for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Adults in Primary Care

29 September 2020This document is intended to support local discussions on how to monitor commonly prescribed high risk medicines in primary care.    The monitoring parameters cited…
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Medicine Compliance Aid Stability

genericAmdipharm Mercury Co Ltd

Amdipharm Mercury Co Ltd
Tablets 5mg, 20mg
R1 · Red 1Stability data indicates that the drug is not suitable for CAs.
No special precautions for storage
Store blisters in original package.
12 February 2015

Lactation Safety Information

Significant published evidence of safety with carbimazole and its active metabolite, methimazole
No adverse effects reported in infants at doses of 30mg daily
Monitoring the infant’s thyroid function should be considered, especially in newborn infants, although no cases of thyroid function alteration have been reported
30 July 2020