Medicines use and Breastfeeding – what you need to know

Sue Overton, MUS Team Administrator, Medicines Use and Safety (SPS)Event 12 May 2021Location Online

An introduction to the UK Drugs in Lactation Advisory Service and an overview of things to consider when dealing with breast feeding questions


12 May 2021



About the event

This month we addressed the topic of medicine use in women who are breastfeeding, including a discussion around COVID-19 vaccination during breastfeeding. The webinar was led by specialist pharmacists from the UK Drugs in Lactation Advisory Service, an NHS service provided as part of the Specialist Pharmacy Service.

Why it’s important

We should protect the breastfeeding relationship wherever possible because breast feeding as many benefits and advising not to breast feed is not a “no risk” option.

What was covered

The event covered:

  • why the topic is important for healthcare professionals
  • why telling the mother to stop breastfeeding isn’t in itself without risks
  • what resources are available to you
  • commonly asked questions

Through specific examples, we also heard about how UKDILAS create their advice and the newly launched SPS Safety in Breastfeeding webpages.

Through the process of researching recommended resources, these pages have been designed to help healthcare professionals undertake a risk assessment and give informed advice in a clinical area where there is often a lack of robust clinical evidence.


Presented by Specialist Lactation Pharmacists, Laura Kearney and Sarah Fenner. Follow the links to read more about them.


Access the recording for the event.

Presentation resources

Slides from the presentation are now available below

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