Governance of Medical Gas Provision: key publications

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Signposts to key publications from the Department of Health and Health Facilities Scotland

Key publications

The key governance document is: Health Technical Memorandum 02-01 Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (Parts A & B), Department of Health, May 2006.

The key governance document in Scotland is: Health Technical Memorandum 02-01 Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (Parts A & B), Health Facilities Scotland, 2012.

These Health Technical memoranda are focused around Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS) including the Design, Installation, Validation and Verification but also the operational management and link to medical gas cylinder storage and handling processes.

Further publications

As well as our own SPS resources (see below), other useful publications include:

  1. Estates and Facilities Alert, NHSE/I-2020/003 Covid-19 Response – Oxygen Supply and Fire Safety NHSI Estates and Facilities 19th November 2020
  2. NHS/PSA/W/2018/01: Risk of death or severe harm from failure to obtain and continue flow from oxygen cylinders
  3. Estates and Facilities Alert, EFA2011/003 VIE (Vacuum insulated evaporator) Main storage vessel for bulk medical oxygen supply. Department of Health, 17th October 2011
  4. Estates and Facilities Alert, EFA/2010/008 Unsecured medical gas cylinders, including cylinders on trolleys Department of Health, 28th July 2010
  5. NPSA/2009/RRR006 Oxygen safety in hospitals
  6. HSIB Report: Oxygen Issues During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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