An infrastructure of support opportunities exists that MSOs should utilise to deliver their role most effectively

Routes of support

The The Medication Safety Officer (MSO) role will receive managerial and professional support from their line manager and other individuals working collaboratively within the organisation.  In addition, there are several external support channels.

National MSO network

The national medication safety officer (MSO) network was established in response to the National Patient Safety Alert “Improving medication error incident reporting and learning”. The MSO network is a sharing and supportive network owned by the MSOs and supported by SPS, NHSE and MHRA to improve medication safety for patients. The network delivers a forum for discussing potential and recognised safety issues, identifying trends and actions to improve the safe use of medicines.

National MSO network lead

Specialist Pharmacy Services provide support for the national MSO network via the Lead Medication Safety Specialist Pharmacist, Medicines Use and Safety, who acts as the national MSO network lead.  The national MSO network lead is the voice for all MSOs at a national level and the role involves contributing to national medication safety priorities and initiatives.

The national MSO network lead participates in the network steering group, which oversees the activities of the network and provides expert and strategic support for MSOs. The group consists of NHSE, MHRA, and SPS specialists. The group set the agenda and deliver the monthly MSO webinar.

For support MSO’s should contact the national MSO network lead.

Regional MSO network

Being an active member of the regional MSO network can provide an MSO with a supportive environment for both development and collaboration.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS)

The RPS have a number of publications and resources available on their website with professional help, guidance and advice.


There is currently no formal training specific to the MSO role, but collaboration opportunities can provide invaluable peer to peer support.

The MSO network lead facilitates a buddy scheme to support MSOs new to post, develop more senior MSOs and to provide experienced MSOs with the opportunity to share their expertise. The buddy scheme is available to any MSO interested in having individualised support from a more senior MSO, as well as any experienced MSOs wanting to develop as a mentor.

You can contact the national MSO network lead to join this scheme.

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