Registration of Quality Controllers (MGPS) (Yellow Cover)

Source NHSPQA CommitteePublished

In 1972 Hospital Technical Memorandum No. 22 (HTM 22) was published ‘Piped Medical Gases, Medical Compressed Air and Vacuum Installations’ as a direct result of a number of patient injuries and fatalities. The document intended to both raise awareness of the dangers of piped medical gases and control their system design, installation and maintenance. A new edition and supplement followed in 1977. The position of Suitably Qualified Person (SQP) was introduced – being a pharmacist with suitable skills to assist the Authorised Person (AP) by carrying out identity and purity tests as part of the initial system commissioning and after certain hazardous engineering work on existing pipeline systems.

It is a requirement of the current HTM 02-01 and SHTM 02-01 that a register of suitably trained and experienced QC(MGPS) is maintained in the UK.



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