The SPS National Medicines Governance Do Once programme produce national Patient Group Direction (PGD) exemplar templates for local adaptation

About PGD exemplar templates

The attached PGD templates are based on the version being used to develop the national PGD templates as part of the SPS National Medicines Governance Do Once programme. There is one specifically for antimicrobial PGDs and one for PGDs for all other suitable medicines.

Local adaptation

Organisations may decide to use these templates when developing their PGDs to encourage consistency when national PGD templates are adopted by organisations as they are released.

Using the templates

The templates include guidance on points to be considered locally in italics.

Where the text is also in bold this is the text which is usually included in the national PGDs.

Further information

Please refer to the SPS website for further PGD resources to support development of PGDs including NICE Medicines Practice Guidance for Patient Group Directions and for further information on the SPS National Medicines Governance Do Once programme.


Update history

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  1. Revised PGD template uploaded to replace previous version
  1. Specific PGD template for antimicrobials added
  1. Minor amendments to template content - revised version uploaded
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