Welcoming the Web Assistant pilot

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The Web Assistant will help you to answer questions about medicines in patients with swallowing difficulties.

Launching Web Assistant

SPS is excited to announce the launch of our Web Assistant pilot.

The pilot aligns with our mission to improve access to important medicines advice; helping healthcare professionals make crucial clinical decisions more quickly and effectively.

About the Web Assistant pilot

The Web Assistant function is a new way for us to assist you in finding answers to medicines-related questions on our website, whilst also offering opportunities for you to connect with our medicines advice team.

The pilot is focused on supporting you with questions about the administration of medicines in patients with swallowing difficulties.

Feedback from the pilot will be used to evaluate the Web Assistant and whether it is rolled out to other areas of the website.

Swallowing difficulties

The Web Assistant will help you navigate to information on swallowing difficulties. If you do not find the answer to your question you will be given the opportunity to contact our Medicines Advice service advisors.

Using the Web Assistant

The Web Assistant launcher can be found on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen on our swallowing difficulties page.

Web Chat

From 11 September we are launching our interactive chat. This enables conversational messaging with our medicines advisors.

Web Assistant Feedback

We value your feedback on this pilot. Please take a few minutes to complete our Web Assistant survey.

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