Etonogestrel (e.g. Nexplanon®) implant for contraception

4 October 2021SPS PGD template for the insertion of etonogestrel (e.g. Nexplanon®) 68mg subdermal implant for contraception.

Lidocaine injection for subdermal etonogestrel in contraception

4 October 2021SPS PGD template for administering lidocaine injection to facilitate insertion and/or removal of subdermal etonogestrel (e.g. Nexplanon®) implants.

Safety in Lactation: Progestogen-only contraceptives

30 October 2020Progesterone-only contraceptives (POC) are administered orally, by depot injection, intradermal implant or intra-uterine device. There is no evidence that POCs have any effects on breastfeeding…
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Lactation Safety Information

Nonhormonal contraception or oral POC until 6 weeks postpartum
Limited published evidence of safety
Small risk of interference with early lactation
10 August 2020