An audit tool based on the RPS Standards in Secure Environments is shared along with the national baseline audit undertaken in 2018

Standards and audit template

Professional standards for optimising medicines for people in secure environments are hosted by the RPS and an audit template has been developed to support providers in implementing and maintaining these standards.

Report from the baseline audit 2018

In 2018, NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service in collaboration with Health and Justice commissioners undertook a national self-assessment audit for all prisons, immigration removal centres and secure training centres against the RPS standards for optimising medicines in secure environments.

99% of Health & Justice sites in England took part in the audit and the final report is published below.

Audit for 2022-2023

NHS England and Improvement have a national quality schedule. This is used by the regions to monitor quality of services and the 2022/23 schedule includes a re-audit of the standards using the template provided above.

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