Technical service records in hospital pharmacy

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Recommendations on the retention of pharmacy records relating to aseptic and technical services within hospitals.

Technical services records

Everyone within a health and care organisation is responsible for managing records appropriately. It is therefore important that you understand how records relating to aseptic and technical services should be managed within the pharmacy.

Consumer liability legislation should be considered when handling manufacturing records. This is explained under the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

Consumer liability legislation

Consumer Protection Act (CPA) 1987 allows patients to claim for injury due to a defective product (medicine) up to 10 years after a medicine has been administered.

Records of manufactured products (e.g. worksheets) can prove that the product was or was not defective. The prescription or other clinical records will only indicate that the patient was prescribed or dispensed an item, but will not give any indication how the product was made and what ingredients were used. If the problem is a contaminated ingredient, it is possible to partially pass the responsibility to the supplier of the defective ingredient.

Adult patients (18 years and over)

Keep manufacturing records for 11 years (10 years as part of CPA + 1 year best practice safety margin).

Paediatric patients

If a child suffers from unexpected serious adverse effects after taking a medicine, they’ve got:

  • any time up to 3 years after their 18th birthday to sue in negligence (up until they’re 21 years)
  • 10 years from taking the medicine to sue under CPA

RMCoP states that records relating to children should be kept until the child’s 25th birthday (26th birthday if 17 years old at time of treatment), unless there are other factors which indicate the record should be kept for longer.

Therefore, in line with RMCoP recommendation, keep all paediatric manufacturing records for 25 years.

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