Managing chronic liver disease in primary care

Event 27 April 2023Location On-line
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A practical ‘On the Couch’ discussion to help primary care pharmacy professionals appropriately manage patients with chronic liver disease in the community.


27 April 2023



About the Event

Our SPS Clinical Fellow, Kieran Reynolds, who is a liver specialist by background, is in conversation with Helen Boothman and Poonam Jethwa. They discuss how to appropriately manage your patients with chronic liver disease, what medicines they should avoid, ways to ensure that their liver disease is appropriately monitored and when to refer for specialist management.

Why is it important

The incidence of chronic liver disease is increasing.

It is important that pharmacy professionals in primary care know how to appropriately manage these patients and advise them with regards their medications.

What you will learn

At the end of this “on the couch” conversation you should:

  • appreciate that the incidence of liver disease is increasing and some of the reasons why
  • list some of the complications of chronic liver disease and the medicines used to treat them
  • summarise which medications to avoid in chronic liver disease
  • outline when to refer patients with liver disease for specialist management


Non-SPS Speakers

Helen Boothman

Lead Hepatology Pharmacist, St George’s Hospital, London and Chair of the British Hepatology Pharmacy Group

Poonam Jethwa

Specialist Pharmacist, Wandle PCN, London

Kieran Reynolds

CPhO Clinical Fellow, Specialist Pharmacy Service (SPS)

SPS Speakers

Our MC today is Barry Jubraj and Nicola Wake will be monitoring the chat box.  You can read more about Barry and Nicola below.


Information presented during this webinar is correct at time of recording. Current guidance should be followed.

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